Antimony Blue was born in 2013 as an alchemical laboratory of scent in the cement underground of artist-witch Noëlle Nichole. Using premium fragrance oils, choice stones and crystals, and her personal brand of synesthetic dissonance, each perfume was crafted with the intent to help the wearer rewrite his or her own story. Raised in a family of intuitives, magicians, and mediums, Noëlle began working with the tarot at 7 years old and has incorporated the arcana into her daily practice for over 20 years. Following a series of signs and synchronicities, Noëlle moved to New York City where she studied under a renowned Parisian astrologer and developing her skills as a medium and channel in order to strengthen her magical practice. It was during one of these sessions that Noëlle was advised to expand her practice of psychic reading and consulted magic beyond close friends and family and offer her services to a wider client base.

As the alchemical representation of the wild heart, Antimony was the perfect element under which to brand her exploration of identity, intuitive divination, and eclectic spellcraft. In addition to psychic advising and intuitive coaching through personal tarot readings, astrology, and custom spell work, Antimony Blue also offers a variety of supplies and spells to enrich, enhance, and enchant your daily life. Clients have seen extraordinary results following work with Noëlle, who’s specialties include love, protection, and career, but also offers general spells for blessing, healing, and prosperity.