Personal Readings

Sometimes, we need a little extra help deciphering the messages the Universe sends our way. Whether you’re feeling confused over a new relationship or job offer, find yourself faced with a difficult decision amongst friends or relatives, or simply feel curious about what the future holds for you, a personal tarot reading can help bring clarity and focus.

I’ve been reading cards and studying tarot for over 20 years, both professionally and as part of my personal spiritual practice. I use a system of traditional and personal symbolism to inspire my own intuition in order to deliver insight and inspiration in my readings.

Here’s what some of my long-time clients have said–

I was feeling really uneasy about a certain situation that was going on in my life, and I reached out to Noëlle. She offered to read my cards and helped put my mind at ease, several months later I was relieved to receive the news she saw in my cards. It’s the most accurate reading I’ve ever received (many people have read my cards before) and she knew things about me and how I am that I hide from people.
— Tom
As an experienced reader, there are very few I’ll trust to read my cards, but Noëlle is one of them. Her readings are clear, concise, and insightful, with the perfect mix of knowledge and intuition. Her interpretations are spot on.
— Amanda
Noëlle’s insight and readings are heartfelt and helpful. What she sees sheds light on the present, through her vision of the future. I felt soothed and more able to move forward, knowing what needed to be done & how to do it, intrinsically & with her clairvoyance. I trust her gentle warmth, and am grateful for her help.
— Lani
Noëlle has been reading tarot since she was a child. Her tarot card knowledge is well studied and when ever she brings out her [deck], people are curious and keen for a reading. She is warm and engaging and gets to the heart of the matter without much information given, the cards never lie. I have found them to be very accurate and Noëlle is always up for digging deeper, she takes her time with each query that is brought before her and has the institution to decipher the message in a way that you will individually understand. I highly recommend Noëlle for a reading!

All clients receive a written report of the reading, including a synopsis of the situation in question and a message for meditation. Please note: if you are looking into a specific situation, mention the topic in the notes to seller, otherwise, a general reading will be given on whatever issues present themselves to me.

A basic 15 minute tarot reading, including a written report – $30

30 minute tarot reading, including a written report, photograph of the reading upon conclusion, and personalized ritual or guided meditation – $75